The right to be welcomed

CIAI has always carried and will continue to carry the gaze of a parent, capable of embracing, identifying needs and, in unison, igniting the potential of each child.

It is a look capable of seeing all the value that migrant boys and girls can pass on to our society. Our work aims to build a new culture that begins by valuing differences. We achieved it through the project Ragazzi Harraga (Harraga Guys) – a project that has become a recognized model for integration.

We conduct our mission through projects which create educational opportunities and tools for the growth of human potential; support means of familial reception and self-standing accommodation based on age and need; secure and disseminate good practices of migrant reception and inclusion in Italy and in Europe; carry out research and analysis of migratory phenomena and that of inclusion processes; advocate for fundamental rights.

Migration Projects

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