Educational Poverty

The right to be the protagonist of one’s life.

A minor finds itself in the condition of educational poverty when the right to learn, become competent, acquire skills, cultivate passions and talents is not guaranteed to them. This happens in disadvantaged social contexts characterized by occupational insecurity, material deprivation and situations of familial hardship.


Today, in Italy – exacerbated by the pandemic – over 1.35 million minors live in absolute poverty and 2 million live in relative poverty. Educational poverty advances hand in hand with these numbers.


Since the early 2000s, the objective of contrasting educational poverty has been front and center in our strategy. It has been secured by the launch of the projects #tu6scuola (#youRschool) and Piccoli che Valgono! (Little ones that count!) and – during the pandemic – with the establishment of summer camps and the daytime playcenter Pomeriggi Insieme (Afternoons Together) in the city of Palermo.

Our challenges

In Italy, there is a growing number of vulnerable children in conditions of poverty, at risk of dropping out of school and marginalization.

Our commitment to solving these problems is also a commitment towards the development of our country, which cannot afford to let so much potential go to waste.

Through projects on educational support, attentive psychological support, workshops, engaging activities and orientation courses, girls and boys get back to being the stars of their tuitional path and those carrying it forward with awareness.

Work characterized by the CIAI approach – #likeourchild – encapsulates an emotive gaze – it embraces boys and girls not only in terms of academic performance or state of poverty, but, more so, with a deep attention to individual psycho-emotional growth.


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