Italy Programme

Children are the beginning of our future.

We want to build a world which is more fair, in which no boy and no girl is alone and may grow up happily. It is not utopia – here at CIAI, for more than 50 years, this has been our mission.

There are so many ways in which a child can find themselves alone: they might not have a family to take care of them, they may not be guaranteed the protection they deserve, they may be perceived as different – and as a consequence discriminated against – or they may not be guaranteed the same opportunities that others enjoy. Each child who cannot imagine a future of happiness for themselves is lonely.

Our calling is to take them by the hand and create a meaningful bond, capable of tearing apart loneliness in schools, in society, within families and communities. All this aims to create a future which is worthy of their expectations.

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Italian Association

for Aid to Children
Via Bordighera 6
20142 Milano (IT)
Tel +39 02 848441