The Center for Psychological and Educational Well-being of CIAI, for every child and all families

CIAIPE – Center for Psychological and Educational Well-being – is composed of a team of psychologists and psychotherapists with specific experience in the field of adoption.

CIAIPE is a large and multidisciplinary team, present throughout the national territory in the various operational offices. Professionals undertake a 360° approach in addressing the different areas of action (family, school, social relationships, etc.) which enables the promotion of training activities and support towards growing and diversifying needs.

From 1968 to this day, CIAI has developed a great ability to renew and adapt itself to societal changes: what we have identified is that, now more than ever, accompanying families, especially those that are different and diverse in nature, is yearned.

It is the starting point for a process which focuses on openness: from adaptation experts to interlocutors capable of accompanying every type of family – foster families, host families, blended families and homoparental families.

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