Inter-country adoption

A world to be born in, a family to grow up in. The best possible.

Since 1968, CIAI has worked to guarantee the right to a family through the promotion and implementation of inter-country adoption.

CIAI is the first association in Italy with the aim of dealing with inter-country adoption. CIAI is committed to finding the best possible family for children in a true state of abandonment – for whom it is impossible to guarantee protection in their country of origin.

To do this, it ensures that the adoptive family has adequate resources and tools to respond to its specific needs.

CIAI works closely with adoptive families to guarantee sufficient information, training, guidance and support during the entirety of the adoptive project. For this reason CIAI remains alongside the families BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the adoption thanks to the activities of the various OPERATIONAL OFFICES IN ITALY.

Staff specialized in adoption prepare and assist families in the moments of waiting, during their stay abroad and when first meeting the child, all the way to the return to Italy and all post-adoption phases.

In line with Resolution no. 66/2019/SG of the CAI International Adoptions Commission CIAI regularly publishes data relating to the number of adoptions carried out and the couples taken onboard.

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