Territorial Educational Centers

Area of action: Educational Poverty
running project
Lombardia, Sicilia


Educational poverty in Italy affects as many as 3 million boys and girls. Through fitting and targeted interventions CIAI responds to their most urgent educational needs.

A minor finds itself in the condition of educational poverty when the right to learn, become competent, acquire skills, cultivate passions and talents is not guaranteed to them. That is, when the school and the family fail to respond effectively to their difficulties.

This happens in unprivileged social contexts characterized by insecure employment, material deprivation and situations of family hardship. This is a common reality of the suburbs and the poorest neighborhoods of large Italian cities.

To support schools, families and, above all, the fragile children, CIAI created Territorial Educational Centers. These are afternoon centers which lead them along a projected path of growth in a professional and attentive manner.

Educational approach #likeourchild

The Educational Centers follow the CIAI educational approach #likeourchild – a formula that has the same characteristics as the gaze of a parent – a gaze that embraces the growth of all children not only in terms of academic performance or state of poverty, but, more so, with a deep attention to their individual psycho-emotional fulfillment. It is an approach that  enhances the potential of the individual, and improves their self-esteem and self-efficacy.

created by the CIAI psycho-educational team to highlight the educational, didactic and emotional needs, and annual goals to monitor growth and the effectiveness of the interventions.

moments of homework support intertwined with an informal teaching plan – an important and effective tool to engage children at risk of dropping out of school.

theater, dance, painting, photography, circus: creative and stimulating activities which  lead children towards the development of personal skills, and enrichment of emotional, expressive and relational abilities.

a CIAI psychologist, expert in psychosocial distress per developmental age, monitors the individual growth-trends of the children.

to engage the families in the developmental path of their children and, if necessary, guide them in approaching the local support services.

conveyed by sitting together for lunch and snacks to appreciate the local environment through food and a healthy lifestyle since childhood.

(*) Actions implemented only in the Palermo area

Where are the CIAI Educational Centers located?

The CIAI Educational Centers are located in the cities of Milan and Palermo.

How to support CIAI Educational Centers?

You can support the CIAI Educational Centers in various ways.


Regular, recurring donations are preferable, as they allow for more precise budget and intervention planning. However, it is also possible to make single, one-time donations.


If you initiate a continuous form of support, in addition to our thank-you, you will receive a presentation sheet with the group of children enjoying the activities of the Center as well as updates on the ongoing school year.


Moreover, if you wish to follow the project even more closely, receive more frequent updates and get to the heart of the Educational Centers you can contribute with a SÈI – Support for Education Italy. It is a regular donation, of less than 1 euro per day, towards an Educational Center of your choice. In return you will receive a presentation sheet with the group of children you will support and a report on their journey. In addition, we will invite you to participate in a video call with the educators and coordinators at the end of the academic year and to physically visit one of the Educational Centers.

The CIAI Educational Centers are established and supported thanks to donations from private individuals, companies, foundations and institutions. Among these: 8×1000 to the Waldensian Church of Italy (8×1000 alla Chiesa Valdese), Bank of Italy (Banca d’Italia), Candriam, Municipality of Milan, eurHope, Community Foundation (Fondazione di Comunita’), Social Enterprise Con i Bambini (Impresa Sociale Con i Bambini), Banca Monte Foundation of Lombardy (FBML – Fondazione Banca Monte di Lombardia), SNAM, Spirax Sarco.